Ecological Infrastructure Tour


Our goal was to educate communities & regulators in Oregon about the benefits of creating “waste” treatment rules for Oregon that judge alternatives to septic and sewer systems on their performance and let alternatives compete on cost.  Our goal was to lay the groundwork for a positive, effective, apolitical sanitation rules process.


We involved and educated over 200 citizens in our public presentations on ecological sanitation. Our largest presentation was to over 100 people at City Repair’s annual Village Building Convergence in Portland. Recode hosted public presentations & discussions with Department of Environmental Quality staff in Bend, Medford, Coquille, Ashland, Hood River, Pendleton, Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Gresham.

Bend discussionDiscussion after Recode’s presentation in Bend, Oregon.

ashland public groupRecode presentation in Ashland, Oregon library. Much thanks to local Recode volunteer Melanie Mindlin.


Recode discussion in Coquille, Oregon.