Date:October 04, 2014

Recode Training

Intro to Policy Level Activism was held in October 2014. Our 2016 training focused on key stakeholders in regulatory agencies effected by composting toilets.

Thank you to the amazing participants of our October 2014 training where we introduced our methods and strategies. Thanks also to Kari Koch of Rise Communications for her sessions on Community Organizing and Facilitation/Presentation Skills.

The 2014 training covered:

  • Recode’s approach and strategies for effectively changing codes.
  • Performance based codes (an introduction, their benefits and implications).
  • How to give presentations on performance based codes. Don’t know what performance based codes are? That’s okay! You will after the training!
  • Honing your facilitation skills: Difficult people, difficult questions and holding space for truth.
  • The Mechanics of Successful Community Organizing with Kari Koch of Rise Communications. It’s more than just fliers and Facebook. Learn how to organize low stress, high impact events with up front strategizing, turn out mechanisms, and outreach planning for groups.

Since 2011 Recode has researched how other jurisdictions are creating codes that protect water resources while allowing for innovative solutions to our sanitation problem. Performance-based codes require that any sanitation system reduces pollution to an acceptable amount before the product of the sanitation system interacts with the environment. Current prescriptive codes don’t address a sanitation systems ability to protect the environment from pollution.

This training was specifically designed to increase the effectiveness of our current campaign to legalize all sustainable sanitation strategies in Oregon, but the approach can be applied to a range of strategic code changes (bees, fruit trees, zoning). We asked that attendees commit to giving one or more presentations in their local communities about the benefits of performance based codes.


Photograph by Ole Errson

Photograph by Ole Errson