Date:April 13, 2018

May 4: Going Beyond the Flint Water & Housing Crises

Going Beyond the Flint Water & Housing Crises: Community-led Solutions for Equitable Systems

Recode is pleased to welcome panelist speakers Monica-Lewis Patrick, CEO of We the People of Detroit and Cat Goughnour of the Right 2 Root Campaign. Ms. Lewis-Patrick will discuss how decades of planning decisions led predictably to the Detroit and Flint water crises and its relationship to gentrification, displacement, and a regional housing crisis. Ms. Goughnour will share how we can “co-create a people+place-based, health+wealth community stabilization process for Portland’s African American/Black residents to reduce disparities, increase opportunities and generate prosperity.”

This session aims to frankly examine the disproportionate effect that historic and current city planning has on disinvested communities. Through case studies of community-led solutions that address wealth and infrastructure disparities, this session also aims to inform and inspire our own community to collectively do better.

When: Friday, May 4th
Time: 6 pm – 8 pm
Location: Humboldt Gardens Community Room 5033 N Vancouver Ave Portland, OR 97217
Cost: Free, includes refreshments

Co-sponsorship opportunity: We hope to find co-sponsors to help us spread the word, which each co-sponsoring organization may define for themselves and might include, for example, a mention in a newsletter, tweets, facebook posts, hanging posters or other approaches. While we would welcome any financial support, co-sponsoring this event does *not* require any financial obligation on your part. To see a list of current co-sponsors, please visit the registration page. Please contact us to become a recognized co-sponsor or just help us spread the word. Thanks for reading!