Date:February 02, 2017

NEW Nexus Solution Pathways

Our three-year collaboration with the International Living Future Institute will develop solutions pathways that enable early adopters and practitioners to better navigate the range of cultural, financial, and legal challenges to adoption of sustainable wastewater treatment systems.  Solutions will be for Washington, Oregon and California; however during the first year, we investigated barriers and solutions from across the country. These could be at any scale of development, from single family residential to district scale.

Ultimately, our solutions will be created by working directly with jurisdictions and pilot projects that showcase sustainable wastewater treatment systems or by confronting barriers unclear or blocked by legal barriers. We recognize that widespread adoption of water reuse and decentralized sewage will only occur as a partnership with permitting agents and policymakers and that our collective knowledge will enable this progress for everyone.

This page highlights our work products and some of our successes to date.

Going Beyond the Flint and Housing Crises: Community-led Solutions for Equitable Systems

Recode was pleased to welcome panelist speakers Monica-Lewis Patrick, CEO of We the People of Detroit and Cat Goughnour of the Right 2 Root Campaign for a free community event. Ms. Lewis-Patrick discussed how decades of planning decisions led predictably to the Detroit and Flint water crises and its relationship to gentrification, displacement, and a regional housing crisis. Ms. Goughnour shared how we can “co-create a people+place-based, health+wealth community stabilization process for Portland’s African American/Black residents to reduce disparities, increase opportunities and generate prosperity.”

This session aimed to frankly examine the disproportionate effect that historic and current city planning has on disinvested communities. Through case studies of community-led solutions that address wealth and infrastructure disparities, this session also aimed to inform and inspire our own community to collectively do better.

Additional resources, including Right2Root’s newest publication are available on our website.

Top Ten Barriers & Opportunities White Paper

We are interviewed over 50 water practitioners working on project teams and in jurisdictions around the country about their efforts to permit innovative water systems; what worked, what didn’t, and what they learned. This white paper summarizes our process and lists the “Top Ten” barriers along with a list of project opportunities, some of which Recode is pursuing in the remainder of our grant.


Water Summit of the Living Future 2017 unConference

Many people are seated at round tables as Paula Kehoe addresses the room.

Recode sponsored Paul Kehoe of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to address the 2017 Water Summit participants regarding the groundbreaking water reuse work she and other partners are doing in California and nationally. A few months after the conference, Seattle adopted a rainwater harvesting regulation based on San Francisco’s water reuse code.

The International Living Future Institute and Recode teamed up to host the 2017 Water Summit one day before the start of the Living Future 2017 unConference. Over 80 attendees provided feedback on next generation water barriers and potential solutions pathways the informed our white paper above.