Date:June 20, 2018

NEW Nexus Toolkit

NEW Nexus systems integrate centralized and decentralized water conservation and reuse, nutrient recovery, and energy-generating approaches and technologies that provide for the needs of people and watersheds.

The Nutrient-Energy-Water/NEW Nexus Toolkit will help public and private-sector professionals find resources on onsite water reuse systems created by recode and others.

This work is sponsored by the Rosin Fund of the Scherman Foundation and was created under a collaborative grant with International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and Oregon Environmental Council. The toolkit will be developed over the course of our grant.

Explore by:

Audience. Includes Jurisdictions, Designers, Advocates, and the General Public.

Barrier. Keyed back to the Top Ten Barriers and Solutions Pathways identified in the our team’s white paper Opportunities for Achieving Next Generation Water Infrastructure in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Resource Type. Currently includes model codes and will be expanded to include case studies and more.