Date:August 04, 2018

Water Reuse Permit Maps

Water Reuse Permit Maps are place-based interactive graphics that make a variety of information available for specific onsite water reuse permit pathways. For a particular city, county, or state, designers, developers, and jurisdictional staff can see, from source to fixture, where water re-use permits are blocked, uncertain or not addressed at all, and allowed. Hyperlinks connect users to the available codes, permits, incentives, and support programs.

We are currently working with practitioners from 20 champion jurisdictions to develop and refine the first round of water permit maps, which will be in pdf format.

This tool can help during:

  • Early project planning. At a glance, planners and developers can make smarter decisions about which water reuse permits they want to pursue, easily exploring expert advice and available incentives.
  • Resilience and sustainability planning. Jurisdictional staff can develop permit programs for blocked pathways that align with emergency preparedness efforts, climate action plans, and sustainability policies.
  • Design. Design criteria and permit forms or process information is just a click away.

Data in these maps are crowd-sourced by trusted water experts in the private and public sector and verified by recode staff who follow-up on input with relevant jurisdictions.

Currently, we have permit maps for:

States & Cities are done separately: