Date:February 02, 2017

ReWater: Solution Pathways for Next Generation Water

We are talking to project teams around the country about their efforts to permit innovative water systems; what worked, what didn’t, and what they learned. We recognize that widespread adoption of water reuse and decentralized sewage will only occur as a partnership with permitting agents and policymakers and that our collective knowledge will enable this progress for everyone.

Our three-year collaboration with the International Living Future Institute will develop solutions pathways that enable early adopters and practitioners to better navigate the range of cultural, financial, and legal challenges to adoption of sustainable wastewater treatment systems.  The solutions will be focused in Washington, Oregon and California, however during this investigative phase we are looking at solutions across the country. These solutions can be at any scale of development, from single family residential to district scale.  The solutions will be created by working directly with pilot projects that showcase sustainable wastewater treatment systems or by confronting barriers unclear or blocked by legal barriers.

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