How do I get a permit for a graywater system?

For watering the landscape: In Oregon, the DEQ’s Graywater site provides a comprehensive guide to permitting graywater systems. The DEQ’s Graywater Homeowners Guide provides the same information in a more readable format.
For other areas, Greywater Action’s Codes and Policy page provides an overview of the state of graywater codes on a larger scale. Contact your local environmental health authority for more specific information. 

For reuse for flushing toilets: Oregon created a permit pathway for commercial and residential wastewater conservation systems that flush toilets and urinals in 2008. To date less than a half dozen projects in Oregon have utilized this option.

Oregon Building Codes Division’s Smart Guide to Water Conservation Systems describes how to design, plan and permit a water conservation systems that reuses wash water for toilet flushing.


Where can I find someone to install a greywater system?

Greywater Action’s business directory is an excellent resource that lists people across the US that have completed Greywater Action’s hands on training. The DEQ Water Quality Permits Database can display who has previously received greywater permits. Under ‘Permit Criteria’ select GEN 2401 or GEN 2402.

In the Portland and Ashland area there’s: Jonathan Brandt of Portland Earth Care portlandearthcare at gmail dot com.

For examples of indoor greywater reuse in Oregon, look to Bud Clark Commons, People’s Food Co-op, First Alternative Co-op, Hassalo on Eighth, and OHSU’s Collaborative Health Science Building.  Note that both Food Co-ops have taken down their graywater reuse systems because of clogging problems.