Ever wondered how septic tanks work? Interested in high-performing systems that create clean water and rich soil? Come learn about emerging technologies, water standards, and the costs and opportunities for new directions in on-site sanitation.  Whether you’ve never given a second thought to where your excrement ends up or you’re a long time toilet nerd, you’ll find indepth information on Oregon-appropriate case studies collected from Finland, Sweden, France, the UK, and the US.

Recode  promotes codes that allow the most sustainable systems to flourish, not any particular system. We catalyzed the legalization of graywater reuse and broadening composting toilet options in the state and now we’re working to encourage cohesive performance based codes.

Recode Public Presentations & Discussions

Missed our presentations? Check out our presentation to the DEQ or our presentation to the public.

September 14th  9:30am  American Legion Hall 52532 Drafter Road, La Pine

September 26th  351 NW 12th Ave, Portland 7-9pm

October 8th 645 NW Monroe Ave, Corvalis  7-9pm

October 9th 150 Shelton-McMurphey Blvd  Eugene  7-9pm

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