Example Node: Water Reuse Permit Map

If you’re on this page, it’s because you’re thinking of helping us complete a Water Reuse Permit Pathway map. Thank you!!!

For now, all the nodes you click on the example permit pathway map will take you to this page. In the future, the idea is if you click on a node of a completed permit pathways map, you’d be taken to a webpage where you could find more info about the permit process (or lack thereof, if the pathway is blocked) at the city, county, regional, state or national level.

Pathway maps will help developers and designers make more informed decisions about which water reuse pathways they want to use in their building and site. Mapping the pathways could also help jurisdictional staff, utilities, and other public entities identify where an easier permit path is needed, so they can focus on specific code barriers.

Some partners have told us they plan to create a pathway map for the public, that shows only the easy water reuse pathways already “paved” for them. In that case, the pathways map becomes a public outreach tool. Clicking on a node would take the user to a webpage on the pathway, which could include, for example, fact sheets, permit process, and incentives.