How do you change codes and policies to legalize sustainability? What is your formula for success?

Recode works to ensure access to and accelerate adoption of sustainable building and development practices by tackling a few specific leverage points at a time. With our limited resources we thinks its more important to be truly successful on one issue, than go after a bunch at once. All codes and regulations require a lot of collaboration across specialities. It’s really difficult for any individual or group to take credit, since code changes are the reflection of many groups working together to balance safety, health and environmental concerns.  We find it is easier to work together when we can find a common goal with our collaborators and by coming to the table with solutions rather than demands. We work with and assist the needs of three primary audiences: agencies, practitioners, and early adopters. We believe that the main barriers to implementation of sustainability are either regulatory, informational, or financial. The process will be different and unique to each group but we recommend taking a targeted and technical approach to regulatory barriers and an open and equitable approach to all collaborators. Being nice and fun to work with goes along way.

Also check out the International Living Future Institute’s policy resources on Collaborative Advocacy and their Water Policy Guide.