What codes has Recode written? Where are they in the process of being adopted by states?

Recode has been part of code writing at the state and model code level.  Recode worked on a composting toilet and urine-diverting composting toilet code for IAPMO’s 2015 Green Plumbing and Mechanical Code Supplement. The 2015 Green Supplement will not be released and is instead serving as the foundation for WE-Stand 2017, IAPMO’s upcoming National Standard for water efficiency standard. IAPMO is a plumbing and mechanical industry model code writing organization whose codes have been adopted by jurisdictions worldwide.

Within Oregon, Recode contributed the composting toilet and light straw clay sections of the 2011 Reach Code, which legalized site built and non-NSF composting toilets. Our language is not in the new 2016 Reach Code. These codes will increase the accessibility of composting toilets. Additionally, Recode member Brenna Bell served on the Oregon DEQ Graywater Advisory Committee while Recode member Josh Klyber currently serves on the Alternative Technology Advisory Committee.

Sometimes legislation needs to be changed to trigger new codes. Recode worked with a wide net of community members to ask legislators to sign House Bill 2080 with Rep. Ben Cannon, which they drafted with Senator Jackie Dingfelder.  HB 2080 initiated Oregon DEQ’s process for creating graywater rules.