Permit Pathways Maps

Water Re-use Permit Maps are interactive, place-based graphics. With a single click, they connect users to codes, permits, incentives, and support programs. For a given city, county, or state, it’s easy for users to see whether they can permit a water source for an end use.

These maps consider water reuse regulations, so pathways are either mapped for:

  1. Outside water sources (e.g. rainwater, stormwater, surface water) to indoor end uses (e.g. kitchen sink, mechanical cooling)
  2. Inside water sources (e.g. bathroom sink, toilet) to outdoor end uses (e.g. aquifer recharge, watering food)
  3. Inside water sources (e.g. bathroom sink, toilet) are used for inside end uses (e.g. bathroom sink, toilet flushing)

Pathways where outside sources are used for outside end uses (e.g. stormwater management in green infrastructure) are intentionally not mapped.

Learn how to make your own water permit map from International Living Future Institute.