Recode Timeline

2007- founded, initiated graywater campaign


ReCode received a $9,320 Vision into Action grant from Portland Community Action Grants for a part-time community organizer.

Hired professional facilitator, Melora Golden, as community organizer. Identified legal path to graywater. Drafted graywater legislatopm with Sen. Jackie Dingfelder

2009- passed House Bill 2080 with Rep. Ben Cannon, initiating process of graywater rules.

December 2009-November 2010 Brenna Bell sat on Graywater Advisory Committee.

Recode volunteers supported with research and Graywater video package (April 2010)

January- March 2010- initiated Ecological Sanitation Campaign after five Oregon citizens approach with four case-studies- 1) non-NSF composting toilet, 2) site-built composting toilet, 3) composting portable toilets, 4) site-built composting toilet with non-contiguous composting vessel.

December 2010- Graywater Advisory Committee publishes final report

February 2011- Submit composting toilet comment to Reach Code Committee

March 2011- ReCode Volunteers submit final public comments to final Graywater Rules Draft

April 2011- Made public comment at Onsite Rules Review Hearings

May 2011- Reach Code Committee Presentation

September 21, 2011 Reach Code public comment session on Composting Toilet Amendment

October 2011 Reach Code Comment on Composting Toilets and Light Straw/ Clay adopted

Bullitt Foundation Granted Tryon Life Community Farm $19,000 for Ecological Saniation Education Campaign.

November 2011 Tryon Life Community Farm hired Melora Golden, Molly Danielsson and Mathew Lippincott to implement Ecological Sanitation Campaign for 2012.

December 14, 2011 ReCode participants Josh Klyber and Mathew Lippincott attend Onsite Technical Rules Review Committee Meeting in Eugene, Oregon.

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