Identifying Barriers & Easing Access
Permit pathway maps reduce uncertainty for developers, designers, and jurisdictions
Supporting Watershed Health
Living within our watersheds' carrying capacity ensures clean and available water for resilient communities
Supporting Urban Ecology
Green wastewater solutions save energy, provide excellent pollutant removal, and create livable communities
Collaborting with Stakeholders & Decision Makers
Tapping the wisdom and lived experience of our communities is key to creating equitable outcomes
Assisting Early Adopters
Supporting the leadership of early adopters helps shift culture towards resilient systems

Recode and International Living Future Institute interviewed over 50 expert water professionals on this water reuse guidance for non-profits, utilities, municipalities, designers, developers, and others to implement:

Opportunities for Achieving Next Generation Water Infrastructure in California, Oregon, and Washington


Mission: Recode works to ensure access to and accelerate adoption of equitable and sustainable water systems.

Why: The challenges, complexities, and disruptions of the 21st century require us all to be more adaptively innovative.

We can develop forms of governance that are more adaptive by design, including regulations and codes that encourage, rather than stifle, innovation.