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Mission: Ensure access to and accelerate adoption of equitable and sustainable water systems.

Vision: Intentionally adaptable governance encourages innovation for watershed health and community resilience in the face of climate change and other disruptions. This work incorporates the lived experience of members of impacted communities with solutions that benefit all communities.

Goals: Develop, promote and get adopted the codes and ordinances necessary to advance options in the NEW (Nutrient-Energy-Water) Nexus.

Universal Basic Right to Water

20 Liters (5.3 gal) per person / per day

We are re-introducing this ‘water right’ concept through our work with impacted communities and their experiences with water affordability, the severity of water shut-offs, the institutionally flawed assistance programs and the economic pressures that ensue on an aging infrastructure.

We have established this campaign with the vision of creating a constitutional Amendment, meeting the United Nation’s 2030 food and water goals and achieving the Paris Energy Accord in a sustainable and equitable manner.

Water Reuse Permit Maps

Mapping all allowed water and nutrient reuse by your location

Water Reuse Permit Maps are place-based interactive graphics that make a variety of information available for specific onsite water reuse permit pathways.

Recode has created a stand alone website for the Water and Nutrient Reuse Permit Map (below).

NEW Nexus Toolkit

Nutrient | Energy | Water Cycle

NEW Nexus systems combine centralized and dispersed water conservation and reuse, nutrient recovery, and energy-generating approaches and technologies that provide for the needs of people and watersheds.

Improving Regulations

Recode works with model code writing organizations (like IAPMO) and local jurisdictions (like Oregon DEQ) to create performance based code language, model ordinances, and legislative language.

Campaign for a Safer More Abundant Water Supply

Recode and International Living Future Institute have participated in the processes needed to permit safer, more abundant water supplies on the west coast by developing outreach and providing input on legislative and rule-making language in Washington and Oregon.

Model Codes with IAPMO

IAPMO is a plumbing and mechanical industry group whose codes have been adopted by jurisdictions worldwide. Recode’s team created a site-built composting toilet code with options for urine diversion for IAPMO’s 2015 Green Supplement to the Uniform Plumbing Code and IAPMO’s upcoming National Standard for water efficiency and sanitation. Our work has created a coalition of community leaders, regulators and code officials to address the language in our building codes that support institutional racism, and our desire to change this practice. Read our letter to the EPA, or become involved (invite).